A Possible New Career Move – Commercial Cleaning Consultant

In the last five years, numerous businesses have popped up that may require services of consultants. So with new buildings and more people working inside, more and more cleaning is needed. No other time could be better than now to become a commercial cleaning consultant and earn big bucks!

So what exactly does a cleaning consultant do? Basically a cleaning consultant is a person who observes a company’s cleaning expenses and suggests ways or plans that can help them save more. By helping the company earn more, consultants earn a good pay. They can also earn by charging referral fees to the cleaning companies that work with them.

To become a consultant a person needs to acquire new knowledge. It might sound like hard work but actually, it’s really easy. All you have to do is to become acquainted with the different cleaning companies in your area. Due to the fact that they have a lot of competitors, cleaning companies would love to pay you to send some jobs their way. You can start by just browsing through your phonebook and taking note of all the significant cleaning companies that you plan on working with.

Starting a business means money. This is why companies would be glad to hire your services since, you can assure them that you will be able to save more money for them. When you have found a prospective client the next step is to refer some cleaning companies.

The easiest way to do this would be to pick the cleaning businesses which are just starting out. After agreeing on the terms and others concerns, you can then set a referral fee for them. One tip so you can earn more is to have partners that cover specific areas of cleaning like carpet cleaning, basic cleaning needs, and duct cleaning companies. Be sure to pick at least 3 companies from the given categories so they can bid for the lowest price. After you agree on your rates it’s time to present them to companies who need their services.

When you deal with the prospective clients, get their trust by telling them that if they don’t see any improvement in their finances, they don’t have to pay you. Explain to them that you are here to help them save more money by watching over their expenses and referring to them the cleaning companies that you have selected and interviewed.

You should also take note of what is in the supply closet. Take note of how much they spend for products, labor, sanitary supply and even waste management needs. When these have all been recorded, start creating bids for the cleaning companies that are working with you.

Thoroughly arrange and make sure that your cleaning bids are detailed before presenting them to the prospective cleaning companies.. Also present to them the particulars and standards of all the jobs that have to be done before they fill out the bids. Present the winners and compare them for the lowest prices to your clients.

You can also make extra money by referring sources for the janitorial and cleaning supplies of the company. You can check out your local providers or look on the internet so you can compare the prices of the products. You can then make a brochure with the noted prices and then present them to both the cleaning companies and the other companies that they work for.

After getting a sort of overview of the job, we can say that working as a cleaning consultant is a very rewarding job. It’s not too tiring and in the end you get to earn more than enough to support yourself and your family.